Fear Has Killed More People than Death

Fear has killed more people than deathI’ve been awed and humbled by the response to my speech in January to a group of women entrepreneurs here in the Bay Area (Women In Consulting).

We had a great time together talking about dreams and the fears that hold us back from living them. I led the group through some interactive exercises about defining their dreams in a powerful way, and why walking through even small fears can put you SO much closer to living in your dream life.

I asked the group to pick one fear (I suggested that a small fear would be sufficient, it didn’t have to be a lifelong phobia of snakes, although that can also be handled easily at any time …), and I asked them to report back to me about how they felt before, during and after this experience of walking through fear.

I have been BLOWN AWAY by the responses and the beautiful stories these fabulous women have shared with me. Here’s a sampling of the kinds of things that these women handled in merely seven days:

  1. Fired her doctor, and left feeling relieved and confident.
  2. Accepted an offer to write a book, despite negative self-talk.
  3. Started a vision board which provides hope, inspiration and excitement.
  4. Sang in public at a key family event, providing a lifetime of memories for everyone in the room.

The emails I have received have moved me to tears. I am so impressed by the courage and conviction that one hour inspired for the women who attended. It was an honor to be there and I wish everyone there more courage and conviction in 2012. Remember what General Patton said, “Fear has killed more people than death.”

If you were there that night, or simply want to share a fear that you’ve walked through in your life, please add to the comments below. We love to hear your story – and I know your story may very well inspire someone else!