One-to-One Coaching

We are very focused on your results and have designed a quick start program designed to get you to your first big goal quickly and with full support.

Whether you need to get your business plan written, get the word out about your business or tackle issues of scaling and growth, we’ll help you break that big goal down into chunks so you can get there faster than you thought possible.

Ready, Set, L.E.A.P.!

Ready, Set, LEAP! is a 90-day quick results coaching program designed to define and achieve an important goal within 90 days through the following four steps:

  • Learn where you are
  • Define the Experience you want
  • Acquire that experience
  • Protect yourself throughout by taking good care of you

You’ll work directly with Jennifer LeBlanc, M.Sc., lead coach of ThinkResults Coaching, during this entire program. We’ll start with a 1-2 hour kickoff session (in person if possible) to break through the first two phases: Learn where you are and define the experience you want.

Then we’ll meet regularly on the phone/Skype for the next 90 days to finish off the last two steps: acquiring the experience you want and protecting yourself throughout with the support you need as you venture into this new territory.

In terms of logistics, most clients prefer either weekly for an hour or every other week for a longer session (approx. 2 hours). The choice is yours. Ad hoc support will be provided between sessions, if you need extra support.

There will be homework between sessions to ensure you stay on track and I’ll be checking in with you as well.

When we approach the end of the 90 days, I’ll contact you to schedule a summary session, a one hour in person celebration lunch to review accomplishments/set new goals if appropriate. This will be my treat and celebration of you.

Ready? I’m here for you.